‘THRISSUR’, the Land of Festivals in Kerala, is regarded as the Cultural capital of the State. The ancient House of God located in the middle of the Teak-Forest-ground is held to be the Hall-mark of Thrissur. Thrissur is adorned by its scattered townships surrounded by the glorious VADAKKUNADHA TEMPLE, the busy streets and Historical Monuments. The internationally acclaimed ‘ THRISSUR POORAM’ is staged here. This is the standpoint of the various cultural centres such as the KERALA KALAMANDALAM, THE SAHITHYA ACADEMY OF KERALA etc.

The Chief attraction of THRISSUR is its district structure of the nature. THRISSUR occupies a renowned position in the Tourist Maps of Kerala because of the presence of the ARABIAN SEA in the West, the western-Ghat wilderness in the East, the alluring plains and water reservoirs. Constructed by the great ruler SAKTHAN THAMPURAN, the THRISSUR Town had been modernised by the rulers who reigned here chronologically. The zamindar of Calicut, Tippu-Sultan from Mysore the Europeans etc influenced the renovations took place from time to time. The land of the festivals Thrissur exposes a scenic vista to the multitude of visitors.